Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Video Collection

Creeking Videos

Dawn Patrol Dreaming Video, Click This!
Raven's Part 1 Video, Click This!
Raven's Part 2 Video, Click This!
Moose River Video, Click This!
The Ubaye River in France, Click It
The Onde River in France, Click It
Slate Creek Video, Click It
Oh Be Joyful Video, Click It
Clear Creek, Click It
Lime Creek, Click It
Black Canyon Part 1
Black Canyon Part 2
Vallecito Part 1
Vallecito Part 2
Bakers Box 2006
Bakers Box 2005
Overflow Video, Click This!
Cross Rivers on the Green, Click Here!
Cross Rivers on the Green
Bottom Box Video Link Click It
Rio Embudo Video Link
Girls on the Green Video Click Here
Horsepasture Part 1
Horsepasture Part 2
Linville Video Click Here
Tallulah, Click Here
Day 1 Jefe, Click Here
Raven's 2005, Click Here
Jefe Slideshow

Playboating Videos

For Video of the Night Garb Session, Click This!
First Day on Hawaii Sur Rhone, Click It
Pat, Vision Bigfootin' in Africa
Marlow Long in a Vision
Pat Camblin in a Vision
Woody and I in the CR 250
Innercity Wave Sesssion with Pat and Crew, Click This!
Cross Rivers on the Ottawa, Click Here!
Pat's First Surf in the CR, Click Here!
LL Update Mar and Pat On Minibus
Chambly Video Link
Yonton International Man of Mystery
Visions at Rock Island
Pat On The Nile
" The Bread and Butter"
Marlow On The Nile
More Nile Footage
Kayak The Nile Commercial
Taste Of Africa
The Vision Video 1
The Vision in a Hole
Vision on a Wave
The Vision Commercial
Cross Rivers on the Noli Video Link, Click This

Videos of Something Else

Sayulita Surfing Video
Video Thoughts of Daniel, Click This
LL's New Team Paddler
Bozo on the Green 200%
Redneck Security Bar Test!
Redneck Impact Testing!
Redneck Boat Testing!
3 Legged Chicken Man Video Link
Freestyle Tubing
Colorado Video Link
Salida Skate Video Link
Raven's Shuttle, Click Here

All Around Videos
Chile Video from Ian and Lane
Small Town Boyz Video, Click This!
Montana Video, Click This!
Northwest Invitation, Click This!
River Pigs, Click This!
Moe's Wet Dream
Between Swims, Click This!
Small Town Boys, Click Here!
Brendan Garvey, Click This!
Guillaume The Canadian, Click Here!
Avid Kayaker Video, Click Here!
Searching For Water, Click Here!
Team Class 10, Click This!

Videos about Boats

How A Boat is Shaped
How Kayaks are Molded
How Kayaks are Built #1
How Kayaks are Built #2
How to Use the Foot Foam Video, Click This!

Big Boatin'

Big Boatin' the Noli Video Link, Click This
Big Boatin' The Gauley, Click Here!
Whitewater Touring with Liquidlogic!
Big Boatin' The Ocoee Video
Big Boatin' The Chattooga Video


Griffin & Ruby said...

who is the artist on the horsepasture run clip? I like it! Thanks

Liquidlogic said...

The group is Mofro. Good southern swamp rock. They have a website so you can check them out. The whole album is awesome.